First steps

It can be hard to know whether you need a coach and even if you’re sure you do, it can be hard to work out who’s right for you. I can’t answer this for you yet, which is why the first step in working with me is all about discovery. There’s no charge for this step and there’s no pressure to take it any further. You find out about me, I find out about you and if we’re a good fit, you might decide to take it beyond this initial conversation. Let me explain what will happen next.

Our first session

This one is all about understanding. We take a deep look at the challenges you’re facing and clarify what you want to make happen by the end of our time together.

Climbing together

Each following session and the moments in-between are all about climbing together. I don’t come up with the solutions, that’s your job. My first job is to listen. I then ask the right questions and empower you to find the answers. Whether your answers touch on your childhood story or follow a completely different path, I have the training and the experience to offer open and honest feedback. I will be kind but I will not let you hide.

Our final session

There will come a point where you will no longer need me. How long that takes varies but we usually know before we start our final session. We will have got to a point where you are achieving what you wanted to achieve and where you believe in your greatness as much as I do.

Why we climb

You may think that you want to break free and fly to where you want to be. It sounds like the dream but the truth is, getting to where you want to be takes work. It takes a deeper exploration of the path you need to navigate and it takes support. I’m here to climb with you, to work together for real change and to get to a point where you can take real action. “If you can’t fly, climb”.

How we climb

Your end goal is extremely important and it becomes my end goal when we work together but the way we get there is just as important. Many coaches will focus on overcoming one particular challenge. It can be very effective as they work hard on the skills and techniques needed to make this happen. When you work with me, we will focus on transforming the story you tell yourself so that you have the self-belief and confidence to overcome anything that gets in your way.

It costs nothing to have a conversation

We’ll discuss what you need to invest both financially and practically when we have our first call but as prices can vary, I haven’t added any to this page. It will cost you nothing to have that initial chat and it will give you the chance to work out if you really need a coach and if I’m the right coach for you.

Ready to invest in you?

If you think you might be, take the first step and say hello.