Working Together

I work with people who are open minded and who want to learn, discover and grow. My clients care for themselves and are strong enough to be vulnerable. They are smart – emotionally intelligent – and they are looking for balance in their lives. They are brave enough to face their issues, knowing that it’s part of their journey. They take responsibility for their lives, which means that with my help and support, they can achieve great things and get to where they want to get to.

What can clients expect from working with me?

When you work with me as your coach, you can expect my full commitment that I will do my best for you. I am reliable and will always do what I say I will do. We will work in partnership together, enabling you to do your best work possible. I will help you to work out what you want from your life, your career or your business, with no judgement, taking you just where you are and supporting you to move on. I provide the accountability that you may need, to help you reach your goals.

I will be your ally – always on your side – giving you a straight and honest opinion. I will provide you with the safe coaching space that you need, with complete confidentiality.

If you’re looking for help, just get in touch on 07714 082270, click here to email me or complete the form here.

“What surprised me most about the experience of coaching is how far it’s taken me and how many tools it’s left me with. I feel more balanced and resilient, trusting myself more and not allowing people to hold so much power over my feelings. I think the biggest change is an end to the circular internal conversation around doing more and being more and a level of acceptance about who I am and that I’m already in the best place for me to be right now.”