Working with charities

Focusing on people rather than performance will get you to excellence. The key is to develop people’s self-confidence and their ability to step up to be the best they can be. This nurtures the resilience, bravery and ability to take responsibility that organisations need from their staff.

Working for a charity brings with it a great deal of satisfaction, as well as many challenges. These include:

  • Heavy workload without the corresponding high salary
  • Concern about good people leaving – fundraising is known for its high staff turnover
  • Risk of burnout for people working on the frontline
  • Lack of training and investment in people development.

This is in addition to the challenges that come with leading teams, influencing senior colleagues, handling significant pressure and dealing with a range of internal and external stakeholders.

In all walks of life, the top achievers understand that they and their teams go further and faster when they work with an experienced coach, who can give them the space and time to figure out what they need to do, while also listening to and challenging them. Charities now realise that coaching is a necessity not a luxury. That’s why I work with charities to create coaching programmes that help them develop their people and increase productivity.

Charities call on me to create and deliver these programmes, including team coaching, as I have a background of 30 years in senior management. This means I understand the challenges that people working for charities are facing every day, at every level of the organisation.

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“As a result of the coaching delivered so far, our employees and the others who are joining the programme feel they are ready for change and able to look ahead. I feel more confident about moving the organisation forward. I know that our team are on board and can rise to the challenge. In this competitive sector, when everyone understands what it means to move a charity forward, when the whole organisation is unified around key objectives, with everyone pulling together, the charity will be in a much stronger position in the future.”

Nina Walker, Deputy Director of Fundraising, Stroke Association