Working with organisations

After more than 30 years working in organisations, from large established charities to small start-ups, I have a wealth of organisational experience. This means that whatever your workplace, I understand the challenges of leadership, management and working in teams, and how these issues can prevent people and their organisations from operating efficiently. Now I work with individuals, and teams, who have goals they want to achieve at work.

Individual and team coaching can solve many challenges faced by organisations:
  • Do you want to promote a member of your team? Getting them settled into the new role quickly can save you time and money.
  • Is your team struggling to work effectively? Improving communication and relationships can lead to far more productive teams.
  • Do you want to give a new project to a member of your team and ensure the initiative’s success?
  • Are you struggling to develop your employees? Developing someone on a personal level can deliver significant benefits to your team and organisation.
  • Do you want to become a stronger leader? Knowing how best to lead your team can help them become far more productive.

Throughout my working life I’ve encountered and resolved all these issues within organisations. I understand the challenges that you or your team members might bring, that are preventing them from working to their full capacity. Having headed up teams, held leadership positions and run my own charity, I have a real understanding of how tough workplace issues can be. Through my effective, intuitive coaching, I help individuals get to the root cause of their issue and resolve it – for the benefit of both the individual and the organisation.

While I work in total confidence with all my clients, if there’s an issue that needs to be discussed with an individual’s line manager or other members of their team, we can always find the best way to do this.

To talk about how coaching can help you or the people who work for you, get in touch with me on 07714 082270, click here to email me or complete the form here.

“My team are now taking accountability and focusing more on development and owning solutions. They are more likely to delegate and they will push back on work and deadlines, rather than getting stressed and frustrated. They are looking for smarter ways of working!