Working with teams

As coaching continues to establish itself as a ‘must have’ in organisations, the focus is now on working with teams as well as coaching individuals. Having many years’ experience as a team leader and manager I am pleased to include this in my coaching offer.

The benefits of team coaching to individuals, teams and organisations are many and include:

  • identifying and establishing your team’s shared purpose
  • fostering and encouraging open and honest communication
  • promoting collaboration, shared learning and commitment to positive development
  • supporting and building teams during and after significant change, such as a restructure
  • enabling your teams to deal with internal conflict and external pressures
  • promoting strategic thinking, problem-solving and planning
  • encouraging reflection and ongoing learning
  • nurturing and deepening trust
  • challenging a silo mentality
  • increasing loyalty and staff retention.

All teams are different, experiencing their own issues and challenges that can sometimes seem insurmountable. Call me for a confidential chat about what’s going on with your team and how coaching can help. Call 07714 082270, click here to email me or complete the form here.

“Lucinda provided a space for team members to articulate their feelings and for us to work through some challenges we had been facing. Having some protected time away from the office, under Lucinda’s gentle guidance, was beneficial in helping us to better understand each other and to identify ways in which we could work together more effectively.”